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Explore the amazing Delos Island, a “floating” archaeological site, revival of the glory of the Greek civilization. Afterwards, jump to the present and visit the most famous island of Cycladic Complex, the majestic Mykonos; the cosmopolitan island of Cyclades.

Transfer from your hotel (or a stop located next to your hotel) to the port of Naoussa. Cruise starts at 9:30 and returns at 18:10. Transfer back to your hotel or a stop located next to it. The entrance fees to Archeological site of Delos is not included.



The excursion boat starts its journey from the port of Naousa at 09:30 and it arrives in Delos at 10:30.

Admire Delos, the small granite birthplace of the god of light. A visit of great historical and archaeological interest. The History of over three thousand years unfolds on the monuments. Surely you will feel that you have disembarked and got carried away at another time. While you stay at Delos you can admire, among others, the sanctuary of Apollo, the processional gallery of Lions, the theater, the gallery and the House of the Naxians, the Temple of Leto as well as the wonderful exhibits in the local museum. The entrance fees to Archeological site of Delos are not included.

After about three hours, you will depart for the next island. Discover a very different scenery, the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos with its unparalleled Cycladic architecture. Discover what made the island so famous and listed it among the top travel destinations worldwide: its lovely narrow streets, the famous windmills, the unique “little Venice”. Golden sandy beaches and the Aegean landscape overwhelmed with whitewashed and blue colors, puts a spell on the fortunate visitors.

At 17:00 departure to Paros Island. At 18:10 the excursion boat arrives back to Naoussa. Transfer to your hotel or a precise pick-up point or not far from it.



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