Are you wondering what is the best time to visit Paros? The answer to that question is not easy and therefore not just one. In this article we focus on what is the best time to visit Paros FOR YOU and not in general. Therefore before visiting, take a quick look at our proposals.


This aspect is a factor in many occasions. That is because some travellers prefer hot climate and others don’t. If you are asking yourselves when it is rainy in Paros, the answer is only in winter. Therefore, sunny days on our island start before May. Of course this does not mean that you will encounter one (but just one) rain shaft. In May, the temperature varies during the day between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius. Aegean Sea is usually hot enough for swimming and therefore many beach bars in central locations are open. Especially the second half of May is more suitable for swimming and during some days we might have even 30 degrees Celsius. As you can understand, temperature in June, July and August are higher than in May, with average being about 30 degrees Celsius. September usually presents better weather than May. Therefore, most of the time in first half of September you think it is still August.


Best time to visit Paros

If you are planning a vacation that consists not only of spending days on the beach but also of exploration, then best time to visit Paros is always! Activities like island tours, daily cruises etc., start from May and even earlier. In Anemones Travel, we have created a fantastic portfolio of bus tours, cruises, as well as tailor-made experiences. So, we will assist you with creating memorise on our island. Therefore, the best time to visit Paros for active vacation should not be an issue. Even if you are interested in extreme water sports, you will find a company.


Price of an accommodation might be a factor in choosing when you will visit our island. If that is the case, allow us to say that best time to visit Paros in this regard is May and September. High season in Paros is considered from July till the end of August. However we can make a suggestion; you might choose between few days in more pricy hotel in May or September and more extended stay in less fancy accommodation in high season. It really depends on what you are looking for.


Best time to visit Paros

It’s not hard to imagine that more people visit our island during high season than in May or September. However in the last few years this gap is getting smaller and smaller. More, or less visitors in Paros has its pros and cons. More people means vibrant nightlife, less people means quieter time e.g. on the beach. Of course, by less people we do not mean empty streets; just not that crowded. We hope that this helps you decide what is the best time to visit Paros regarding these two aspects.


Best time to visit Paros

Dining on our island is not a factor in what is the best time to visit Paros. Most of our restaurants and taverns are open from 1st of May till the end of September. However, maybe just a few in remote locations will be close till the second half of May.
We hope that our article on best time to visit Paros will be helpful. If you have any questions about this topic, you can contact us with your questions.


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