day trips from paros to other islands

day trips from paros to other islands


day trips from paros to other islands

Day trips from Paros to other islands are an amazing activity for your vacation. Due to the location of our island, in the center of the Aegean Sea, a trip to the nearby islands is significantly shorter than from other locations. Therefore Anemomylos Travel features a variety of daily cruises. Day trips from Paros to other islands by Anemomylos Travel will satisfy every taste. Our agency offers short cruises to our neighbours like Antiparos and Naxos as well as far as Crete. Additionally Santorini and Mykonos could not miss from our excursions. You should know that our office also offers private excursions on a variety of boat types. In general, you explore our portfolio of daily cruises here.  


One of the most popular day trips from Paros to other islands, is this one. It usually departs from Punda port to which we arrange a transfer for you. The duration of the cruise is about 7 hours. The first stop for lunch and swimming is at Blue Lagoon. These are few small islets which took their name because of amazing waters. Afterwards, we continue our cruise south of Antiparos. Before reaching to Despotiko Islet, we make few stops at remote beaches. You can get there and enjoy your swim only by boat, due to their location. Next stop is a beach on Despotiko and that is also where you will enjoy delicious on-board BBQ. Next, we continue our trip for the northeast coast of Antiparos for another swim before returning back to Punda. You can understand why this is one of the top day trips from Paros to other islands. Most of our excursions are that adventurous.  


This is one of the famous day trips from Paros to other islands as well. The duration is about 9 hours and it starts from Naoussa. For the first 3 hours you will be exploring Delos. Because Delos features an ancient city and a museum, you will need that much time. Afterwards, you will step on Mykonos Island. This is probably the most famous destination in Mediterranean; beautiful, picturesque and cosmopolitan. You can enjoy your lunch here as well as a walk among the island’s alleys. The return to Paros is around 18:15 p.m.


This island does not need introductions and therefore this is one of the best day trips from Paros to other islands.  Due to the fact that Santorini is a little bit further than the previous islands, duration here is 9 hours. Additionally, it starts from Piso Livadi. You will be transferred there as well. In Santorini, you will visit Oia and Fira. Those are the two most interesting settlements of the island. The picturesque houses built on the cliffs are spectacular and a motivation for many photos. Additionally you can try and acquire few of the famous wines produced in Santorini.


Koufonisia is the complex of small islands south of Naxos. Therefore it is quite easy to reach and visit them. Additionally, you can visit them by sailing on a traditional kaiki boat and enjoy BBQ on board. Of course, Anemomylos Travel has more travel options for you; you can reach them on a bigger boat.

In Anemomylos Travel everyone is inspired to offer endless exploration to visitors of Paros. Therefore, the above day trips from Paros are just examples. You can see all of our daily cruises here.


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