Paros or Naxos

Paros or Naxos


Paros or Naxos

Since those two island are next to each other, many travellers wonder which one to visit; Paros or Naxos? Allow us to say from the beginning that the correct answer is both of them. If you are visiting Greece for e.g. ten days, you can do something that it is called “island hopping”. This means that you can visit Paros for 5 days, as well as Naxos for 5 days.


Nightlife is always a part of everyone’s vacation, no matter which location you are visiting. Therefore, we would like you to know that you will be satisfy from both destinations. We would like to point out that as nightlife we also consider dining in taverns and restaurants.
In Naxos Island most of the nightlife is concentrated on the west coast. Of course, the heart is in the capital of the island. However, you will find many bars and restaurants as far as Agia Anna beach.

In Paros Island, things are more scattered. Paros features large villages along its coast line. First of all, there is the capital Parikia, where you will find many bars and restaurants. They are located both along the beach, as well as among alleys. Secondly, there is Naoussa village. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Naoussa is also the most popular place in Paros. It features many restaurants and bars around its picturesque port. However, there are also many bars and restaurants among alleys. You will find here few night clubs as well. It is worth mentioning that on Paros Island there are other areas like Aliki and Piso Livadi that feature entertainment right by the sea. 


Paros and Naxos feature amazing beaches. Most of them, on both islands consist of powdery sand. Again in Naxos, the majority of beaches are situated on the west coast of the island. Many of them are well organized. You will find sunbeds, umbrellas, as well as beach bars. The unique aspect of relaxation on the beach here is that you enjoy amazing sunset. Due to that fact, Naxos is well-known for its sunsets. It will be unforgettable to relax with a cocktail on a sandy beach, as you enjoy the sunset.

In Paros, there are sandy beaches along the entire coastline. Few of them are quite famous as well. Probably, you have heard of Santa Maria, Goladen Beach and Punda Beach. These three are located on the east side of Paros, however in Parikia Bay alone you will find three sandy beaches. Additionally, most of Paros beaches are organized. There are sunbeds, umbrellas and of course, beach bars. On the west coast, near to port of Punda, there is a famous water sport center. This place is visited by thousands of windsurfing and kite surfing enthusiasts from around the world.


It is a fact that Naxos Island is quite famous for their amazing cuisine. Due to the agriculture development, local people raise animals on their own. Therefore, the quality of the meat is amazing and well-known. Practically, anywhere you will decide to eat, you will not be disappointed. 

Cuisine in Paros is centered more around seafood as well as legumes. Don’t get us wrong, you will find delicious meat dishes. However, diet on vacation on Greek island should be accompanied by the gifts of the sea.
We hope that this article was helpful and will assist you with making a decision. However, we thing that visiting both islands, maybe not during the same season, is what you should do. So Paros or Naxos? Both places have a lot to offer. Therefore, it is certain that you will spend unforgettable vacation no matter which one you will choose.


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