Wondering which are the most popular Paros villages? Below in our article, you will find tips and information regarding Paros villages that you must visit. You probably already know most of them. Yet, there is a possibility that you will find out something new. Don’t forget to check our bus tours, during which you will visit most of the below villages.


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Naoussa is definitely the most famous among Paros villages. It is one of the most beautiful places in Greece as well. This village is situated on the north coast of Paros Island and it is built in a large bay. Due to its location, you will be close to everything that our island has to offer. First of all, there are the beaches. Santa Maria beach, Kolymbithres beach and Monastiri are less than 10 minutes away by car. Although let’s not forget that you can get to Kolymbithres and Monastiri beach using caique boat from Naoussa. This is truly unforgettable experience. Also, this village features its own beaches, reachable on foot. Piperi beach is situated on the west side and Agioi Anargyroi beach on the east side. 

Naoussa features one of the most picturesque places in Paros, its port. Therefore, you should not miss it. First of all, there is the iconic fortress which you can visit day or night. You can walk around the harbour, right next to caique boats and enjoy the scenery. Above all, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner by the sea. Evening walk among the white alleys is something that travellers enjoy as well. If you are visiting Paros during hot summer months, you should know that walking in the evening will be more comfortable. The temperature is lower and during sunset, the environment in Naoussa is just amazing. You should know as well that, there are many small restaurants and cafes among the alleys too.


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Parikia is the capital of Paros Island. Therefore, it features the main port and the majority of economic activity. It consists of the old town and of course, of the modern Parikia. In contrast to Naoussa, the capital of Paros is a quite big settlement. Yet, it features picturesque alleys as well, where you can find restaurants, shops and cafes. It is interesting to know that in Parikia, there is one of the oldest churches in Greece. It is called Panagia Ekatontapyliani, and you probably saw a picture of it somewhere online. Furthermore, it is considered as the main archaeological attraction in Paros. Additional attractions in Parikia are the Frankish Castle, archaeological museum and Agios Konstantinos church. Of course there is ancient cemetery as well. 

Parikia, as one of the most beautiful Paros villages features few popular beaches. The closest one, Livadia beach is considered as the main beach of the town. Additionally, you can get there on foot from every corner of Parikia. Livadia beach consists of sand and it is well organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. Therefore it is a good choice if you don’t have your own mean of transport. Finally, there are two beaches right across Parikia, in the bay; Martselo and Krios. They actually share the same sandy coastline. Both of them are organized and attract people from all Paros villages. You should also know that the office of ANEMOMYLOS TRAVEL is situated in Parikia.


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Piso Livadi village is situated on the east coast of Paros, about 17km away from Parikia and 13km away from Naoussa. It features unique environment as well. There is a small port with caique boats, small sandy beach and few restaurants and cafes. Due to the fact that Piso Livadi is built around small bay, the scenery is very beautiful. Few minutes away from the village on foot, you will find Logaras beach. It is one of the famous places to swim, especially among local people. Additionally, you should know that few of our daily cruises have as departure point Piso Livadi village.


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This is one of Paros villages that you should not miss. Lefkes village was the first capital of the island. Due to its location, up on the mountain, it was safe from Pirates and other invaders. Therefore, you can understand that, this is an important place. Additionally, it features panoramic view of Naxos and other islands. During summer, a traditional festival is organized in Lefkes, which is called Karvolas Festival. Therefore, if you are in Paros during those dates, you should participate. The theme of this festival is local cuisine and people are enjoying food and music till morning.
In Lefkes village you will find small museums, taverns serving delicious local dishes, cafes and few shops. You can participate in our tour which has Lefkes village in the itinerary.


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This is another well-known coastal village of Paros. Therefore, you already know that you will enjoy delicious seafood here. Aliki is located close to the airport, 13 km away from Parikia and 28 km away from Naoussa. Due to its location this village is also quite unique. It features a bay with a sandy beach and there is a port with caique boats that supply local fish taverns. Additionally there are few cafes and bars. Although Aliki is a small village, it has many regular visitors every year.


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