Things to do in Antiparos

Things to do in Antiparos


Things to do in Antiparos

Antiparos Island is a fabulous destination for a daily trip from Paros. Of course, with Anemomylos Travel you will also have the opportunity to participate in daily cruise. However in this article we will focus on a daily exploration of the inland.
In order to reach Antiparos, you will have to take a small ferry boat from Punda port. This is an optimum choice because the other one is from Parikia and the sail takes longer. You should not confuse Punda port with Punda beach. The beach is on the east coast of the island. Due to the fact that Punda is 9 kilometers away from Parikia, you will need some sort of transport. Therefore, you can take the local bus, use your own means of transport or take advantage of our transfer service.


Under the category “things to do in Antiparos”, what comes to mind instantly is the cave. This is one of the most impressive natural attractions in Greece and therefore you must visit it. To get to Antiparos Cave you can take the bus from the main town. Municipality knows that not everyone has its own means of transport so transporting tourists to the cave is organized. The return from the cave is easy as well. Additionally, if you wish to see more information regarding this attraction, you can click here. Definitely one of the top things to do in Antiparos.


Another aspect you should not miss when visiting this island is a visit to a beach. Near the capital of Antiparos, there are three beaches: First Psaralyki Sifneiko and Kaloudia.  All of them are reachable on foot. It is useful to know that Sifneiko beach took this name because it offers view of Sifnos Island. Additionally, those beaches are situated in small bays. Therefore, they are protected from waves created by northern wind.


As you probably know, Antiparos is a small island. Therefore, it features only one museum. It is the Historical & Folklore Museum of Antiparos and you will find it in the main town. Its exhibition features daily tools, paintings and scientific artefacts. If the museum interests you, we suggest you visit it before going to the beach.

Additionally in the main town, there is a castle area which you can reach easily. You can advise Google Maps in this matter as it is located on the west side of the capital.  

You should know that, the most interesting archaeological attraction is situated on Despotiko Islet, on the south-west coast. You can participate in a trip to Despotiko with Anemomylos Travel.


One of the things to do in Antiparos on your daily visit is to try local cuisine. You will find most of the restaurants and taverns in the main town. Therefore, here as well, you do not need means of transport. The capital of Antiparos is a beautiful place with amazing Cycladic architecture. You should walk around for a little bit before choosing the perfect place for dinner. 

Afterwards and before leaving Antiparos, you can take a walk again and do little shopping. Alleys are full of boutiques where you can buy practically everything.

The team of Anemomylos Travel can organize a private daily trip for you to Antiparos. This will be the best way to see everything what this island has to offer. Additionally, if you wish to spend vacation here, you can use our Paros Luxury Services to rent a villa etc.


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