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Explore our favorite destinations onboard a deluxe minibus, accompanied by a guide who has lived on and explored this island for many years. The first stop of this semi-private tour will be at the famous landmark of Paros:  the Church of our Lady of 100 Doors (or Ekatontapyliani in Greek!). This is one of the oldest early Christian monument in Greece, located in Paroikia. Thriving modern day legends, impressive architecture, rare Byzantine as well as post-Byzantine icons and glittering marble will fascinate you. 

Leaving the touristic scene behind, it’s time to explore the rural side of Paros. A visit to a family-run farm is your next destination! A member of the family will introduce you to the crops adapted to our microclimate, explain their growing and harvesting processes and offer you some fresh goods to taste! It will be a unique chance to wander in an eco-friendly farm and enjoy the landscape and views. Next,  we’re off to see how the locals live in Prodromos!  This is one of the most picturesque villages of Paros Island. It features whitewashed houses, neat yards with colorful flowers and narrow paths lined with pavestones accessible on foot through the village gates. Walking through the quaint passages, you will come across a traditional taverna. Typical Parian dishes are prepared and served here on a daily basis. This will be your chance to taste one of the homemade “mezze” that Parians love! This tour, would not be complete without a Greek coffee; a key component of Greek culture! For this, you will be driven a short-distance to the village of Kostos, an “off the beaten path” village in the mountains. The next stop is at its “kafenio”! The spot where the older generation get together to hash out their differences in local politics, discuss sports and play backgammon! You will be offered a cup of coffee, and if you wish you can learn how to prepare your own when back home! Time to leave tradition behind and be driven in comfort to the present! 

Next stop at Naoussa: a beautifully preserved fishing village, which has become the most famous place to visit on Paros Island. Cosmopolitan in summer-time and authentic all year round! After this day full of new sights, sounds and experiences, we will transfer you back to your hotel to relax and remember the beauty of Paros.

Notes: Every Monday, Wednesday (from end of May until mid September subject to
Participation minimum : 4 people – maximum 12



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